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Throat - That area of the bore immediately ahead of the chamber tapering to the point where the rifling starts. See also leade or freebore.

Time of Flight (TOF) - The elapsed time, in seconds, of a bullet's flight from muzzle to a given point.

Trajectory - The path of the projectile in flight relative to the line of sight.

Transducer - In ammunition research, a device containing a quartz crystal which develops a voltage directly proportional to the pressure applied to it. Used for electronic measurement of chamber pressures.

Twist - The angle of the rifling in relation to the axis of the bore. Usually measured by the length of barrel required to rotate a bullet one complete turn. A barrel rifled with a 1-in-10" twist rotates the bullet faster than one with a 1-in-12" twist. Therefore, small second numbers indicate barrels with a "faster" twist rate.

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