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Gas - In handloading, the vapor produced by burning powder. This heavy gas is capable of expanding rapidly, creating sufficient pressure to propel the bullet at high speed.

Gas Check - A copper or brass cup used to prevent hot, high-pressure powder gases from deforming the base of lead bullets.

Gilding Metal - A copper-zinc alloy used for bullet jackets. Defined as 95 parts copper to 5 parts zinc. Commercial bronze (90 copper, 10 zinc) is also used for jackets.

Grain - In English weight measure, 7000 grains equal one pound; 437.5 grains equal one ounce. Incorrectly used in referring to a granule, or kernel, of powder. Thus "35 grains of powder" always refers to 35 of the weight-unit grains, never to 35 individual granules of powder.

Grand Slam - An honorary award to a hunter who has collected the four varieties of North American wild sheep. Also the trademark of the premium hunting bullet made by Speer.

Granulation - Refers to powder grain size and type. Can apply to either black or smokeless powder.

Grease Groove - Lubricating groove. On a lead bullet, a circumferential groove used to hold lubricant.

Grooves - Spiral cuts or impressions in the bore of a firearm that cause a bullet to spin as it moves through the barrel. See rifling.

Group - The pattern made at the target by a number of bullets fired with one aiming point and usually one sight setting. Usually measured from center to center of the holes farthest from each other.

Gun Powder - Propellant explosive used in small arms. Can be either smokeless or black powder.

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