10mm Bullet Swaging Print
Written by Ammosmith   
Friday, 14 January 2011 22:30

This is an advanced video series on how to take 3/8" brass tubing and turn them into a 40/10mm jacketed hollow point. It's a very easy process although it can take up to 12 steps depending on what you want to accomplish. The dies are from C&H 4D and with a few other tools that are around the bench you can make super high quality bullets from 130grs up to 240grs with a partition using a 35 caliber gas check between two cores. The equipment you need is a set of CH4D 40 caliber dies the model 101 series and you will need the 9mm swaging punch to make a recessed core inside the jacket. Use a good reloading press that is made of steel. You will need a Harbor Freight mini chop saw and get some extra blades. To ease cutting use wax to rub on the blade about every 5th-6th cut. -

The dies are available at: http://www.ch4d.com/

10mm Bullet Swaging Part 1

10mm Bullet Swaging Part 2

10mm Bullet Swaging Part 3

10mm Bullet Swaging Part 4

10mm Bullet Swaging Part 5

10mm Bullet Swaging Part 6